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Be inspired, motivated and learn from experienced photographers and fellow members.

You don’t need fancy equipment or to be a professional photographer to comment on the world around you with your camera or smartphone.

MyPhotoClub provides weekly Live Zoom Talks – on Thursdays at 19-00 UK time.
More activities will be added taking into account your requests, input and feedback.

We’re very proud of our Events Programme and delighted by the quality and variety of the Speakers that we have engaged from the UK, USA and beyond.

Practical, Processing and Smartphone sessions are included and genres such as Travel, Street, Architecture, Wildlife, Macro, Mono, Landscape, Sport, Portraits and much more are included.

We start with two of the most popular speakers in the UK – Ross McKelvey and Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa.

Even non-photographers will enjoy the fantastic images and fascinating commentary from our great guest speakers!

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Upcoming talks