About Us

An online community for photography enthusiasts

MyPhotoClub are proud to work with some of the best Speakers and Tutors from around the world.

We source photographers who are experts in their field, as well as being engaging and motivating communicators.

Our aim is to equip you with the practical knowledge and tools you need to transform your photography – as well as sharing some truly inspiring images.

We offer a wide range of sessions covering most genres and post-processing systems. As well as catering for those with sophisticated kit, we often feature smart phone photography too.

There is a friendly Facebook Group where you can enjoy the wonderful images and great discussions posted by our members.

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to professionals, using smartphones or cameras – or those who just enjoying seeing others’ work.


MyPhotoClub was launched in March 2022 by Roy Morris, offering Thursday Talks online via Zoom.

After taking Eastbourne Photographic Society online during covid, Roy could see the benefits of holding photography talks online. He could source a wider range of Speakers from all around the world and appeal to an international audience, all with a common passion for photography.

When UK photography clubs returned to in-person meetings he felt there was still a place and an appetite for an online equivalent. Those who were unable to attend a camera club in person, or enjoyed viewing from the comfort of their home, could still take part.

So MyPhotoClub was born, initially with the Thursday Talks, then later adding more in-depth specialist offerings such as Tuition Sessions and Mastery Workshops.

In January 2024, MyPhotoClub’s first Photo Tour, in collaboration with Paul Sansome Photography, will take place. We’ll be visiting India, and in April, Iceland.